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Learn more State Channels State channels make it possible to execute smart contracts off-chain. The blockchain enforces the smart contract code, only in the case of a disagreement between the contracting parties.

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За пользование блокчейном Aeternity пользователи расплачиваются токенами AE. Кроме того, на токене AE базируются финансовые приложения на платформе.

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Aeternity (AE)

Many of its applications have not been discovered yet. The future is yours. The reference implementation is written in Erlang, following all standards of high-quality software engineering.

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Without compromising on security, State Channels allow peer-to-peer transactions and Smart Contract execution off-chain. Channels can be aeternity криптовалюта and closed in parallel, enabling unlimited scalability. Block confirmation times are as low as 3 seconds, which significantly improves the user experience. They are all optimized in terms of gas costs. This relaxes the fee and gas markets and leads to lower costs.

Прогноз О монете Aeternity - это интеллектуальная платформа с открытым исходным кодом, запущенная в январе года. Она направлена на решение проблем масштабируемости и безопасности, с которыми сталкиваются многие криптовалюты.

They can be programmed to request and provide data from information providers and APIs. If a Smart Contract requires access to weather data, an Oracle request transaction—including a data schema, is broadcast on-chain.

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Data providers can respond to such data requests and charge a fee for the response. Oracle providers can register on-chain and start providing any type of data by charging a fee.

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This allows Smart Contract developers to create applications that interact with information coming from the real-world, enabling Decentralized Finance applications, among many others. There are no proprietary licenses whatsoever.

Криптовалюта Aeternity очень легко масштабируется, благодаря уникальной технологии блокчейна. Имеет простой принцип управления и подвластна отличным схемам алгоритмизации. В качестве основного языка программирования в проекте использован Erlang, который в автономном режиме разрабатывает сверхустойчивые к возможным отказам рабочие распределительные группы.

The development process is transparent, and anyone can start contributing via GitHub and the Forum. Anyone aeternity криптовалюта host a node and start mining, connect to the Mainnet, and help secure the chain by verifying transactions. It is fully trustless, with no central authority, no master nodes, or kill-switches.

aeternity криптовалюта

It is highly efficient and the first one to rely on graph-theoretic proofs. It aeternity криптовалюта also the most memory-bound, yet with instant verification.


With aeternity криптовалюта implementation of Generalized Accountsa unique technological feature, it is possible to sign transactions with a very high degree of flexibility. From a cryptographic point of view, the protocol uses Blake2b bits aeternity криптовалюта and ed It also supports Schnorr Signatures. Communication between nodes is encrypted with the Noise Protocol. Off-chain State Channels transactions and smart contract executions are fully private unless published on-chain.

Aeternity – оракул-машина с масштабируемыми смарт-контрактами

By using the AENS, aeternity. This significantly improves the user experience for both users and developers. Names in the AENS are registered through a trustless auction process. Using hardfork signaling, node operators and miner can show their support for consensus-breaking protocol upgrades.

All results are cryptographically verifiable.

Обзор криптовалюты Aeternity (AE): технология и перспективы

To fund these efforts, the Foundation receives It is strongly-typed and has a restricted mutable state. Sophia is a Ocaml-like language with syntax mostly resembling that of Reason. What is Sophia? Some features of conventional languages, such as floating point arithmetics for example, are not present, while some blockchain-specific primitives, constructions, and types have been added.