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There are a few pairs we recommend avoiding in the setup guide.

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Download a. Your Flex will now load all the appropriate settings from that. Not only are there highly optimized. Community The only EA on the market that offers an unfiltered community forum for everyone to share, discuss, brainstorm and help each other.

You will be speaking directly to the person that codes the EA and knows it inside out, not some hired representative that only knows the basics. I read and reply to everyone and many of the features you see in Flex today forex super ea customer requested features over the past 7 years. Precision New market monitoring virtual trade technology brings precision entry points that no indicator can compete with. The default settings will use 6 virtual trades per currency pair to monitor market conditions.

Lowering this number will result in less accurate entry points, but higher trading frequency.

First, look at the results of our robot's work.

Raising this number will do the opposite. When the market shifts, this is the one of the main settings we end forex super ea changing. Flexibility Flex EA can be setup to trade just about any trading strategy imaginable. All 3 memberships will include all 12 different setting configurations that offer 12 unique trading strategies that you can plug and play at the click of a mouse.

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Key Features Money Management - Adjusts lot sizes based on account balance automatically, even as it grows. This is a very powerful feature that some customers will buy just to manually trade and have this feature alone control their take profits. DD Stoploss - A fail safe, set a percentage of your account balance to close all trades at a certain drawdown percentage in a worst case scenario.

No problem. Close when RSi reaches a certain level? Time filters - Avoid certain times of the day or certain weekdays.

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Hedging - Turned off by default but available with many configuration options at your finger tips. Currency filters - This will limit your exposure to specific currencies. For example it will limit that max number вега опциона это USD forex super ea to be able to trade at the same time to 2 by default, but this can be changed to whatever you want.

Much much more - These are just "some" of the key features of Flex EA to give you an idea of what will be at your finger tips behind the scenes here. Happy I never gave up and kept searching. I only trade small account on micro with few hundred but it still works well there for me. I am using the ema far apart H4 set file on forex super ea same pairs Steve has and it has done well forex super ea nearly 6 months.

This is a powerful product and the support is excellent.

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I have lost only 2 trades over this period. It opens a basket of trades if needed, and basket of trades have ended up in profit except on 2 occasions. This is a very forex super ea product. I am using flex hybrid and super precise strategies mostly. Заработок в интернете вывод на вебмани trades are amazingly accurate.

So much so, sometimes I copy them on my manual account. When they are not accurate, a smart small grid recovery starts maximum 5 levels by default.

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Forex super ea the EA on default, I have doubled my account in a few months. My account is on ten pairs. Many people play with the settings hence the flex name ; but why mess with a winning system? No regrets.

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It has a reasonable risk:reward ratio so its good that way too. I really like how the developer is always working on this and posting new stuff in the forums all the time. I am using the Global TDI Slope set file I found in the forums, it trades a lot and has made quite a bit of gain in the first 2 months.

Smart System V.3

Already paid for the product and then some. The forum is also full of wealthy information. Glad I did, just like a few mentioned you can download fully optimized set files where you load this. No optimization needed by the user, and there are lots of great ones to choose from.

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This is very good EA. I use for long time 1. I use custom set file from member forum Progressive Flexhybrid it does well entire time. Support also very good, and member forum lots of good setting.

forex super ea

Keep all these in your mind and let the EA do its job,make money! Sep 18, - 5 Stars Yes,its true. This EA does what promises. Just put minimum to medium risk and let EA do its job.

The EA has many options to configure and you can personalize your setting very deeply. If used with "greedy style" it can blown up your account very very fast, but if you find the correct slowly and steady setting you can leave it work without care about any market or news inconvenience.

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The only hard thing is to find the best configuration for your broker and your balance. There is also a good forum where people share their settings and discuss about this EA. The best 2 strats so far for me is FullGrid and HalfGrid.

People need to stop blaming the auto bot and start taking responsibility for their own greed and risk management. Testimonials pulled from forexpeacearmy.


What kind of support do you offer? How soon will it be available after I order? Immediately, you can login to your members area and download it. Best brokers to use with Flex EA?

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I recommend either Hotforex or FXOpenthey have worked best for me. How often does it trade? This depends highly on the number of charts you run, the strategy you select, and market conditions. If running 5 charts on default strategy, expect trades per week.

If 10 charts, expect What is your refund policy? USA Brokers? TradersWay works very well for U. Money Management? By default MM is turned on, and calculates lot sizes based on your account balance or can be changed to equity.

You can turn MM off and select a manual lot size to trade with as well.